VoIP (Voice over IP)

A VoIP phone system, as the name suggests, runs your voice calls over an internet connection rather than traditional phone network.

VoIP phone systems can connect any number of locations and remote or home workers to your company phone system.

You need to ensure that your current internet connection has sufficient bandwidth and reliability to support voice calls. If your connection is too slow to handle the volume of calls, has large delays, or jitter, then you will experience poor call quality and lost connections during calls.

What’s great is that your VoIP phones can be traditional desk handsets, or an app running on your Mac with a headset, or mobile device. Remote workers can make or receive their business calls from your company number wherever they are in the world, without incurring international call charges.

How Dr Logic can help

We work with several VoIP providers to provide cloud-based VoIP system. We can advise on whether your current broadband connection is suitable, arrange for the porting of your existing business numbers and DDIs and manage the end-to-end implementation for you. Or if you have an existing system in place, we can also look after it for you.

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