Mac IT Support for Business

Whether you’ve been managing your own Mac IT support, or you’re with someone else who isn’t making you happy, Dr Logic can see you now.

Your own expert IT department.

We work with your business to provide a single point of contact for all your IT requirements. If your business relies on Apple Macs, or even if you run a mix of Macs and PCs; we can help.

By working with Dr Logic, you’ll be working with the Mac experts. We get to know your business and proactively manage your Macs and your IT for you


Fantastic Mac IT support

Dr Logic, is more than just an IT help desk for when things go wrong. Prevention is better than cure, so our aim is to get your IT fit and healthy to minimise problems and disruption. We then work with you to understand your needs, help you plan for the future and do even more amazing things with your IT! Here’s what our Mac IT support contracts include.

01 Dedicated Account Manager
02 Support Monitoring Maintenance
03 Planning
04 Asset & Document Management
05 Client Portal

Dedicated account manager

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who will get to know your set-up and your team and be a single point of contact for senior personnel to liaise with.

They’ll make regular visits to your office to make sure everything is working as it should and to provide on-site support or training. Twice a year, we carry out client review meetings to discuss your IT set up and make recommendations on key areas you might want to consider upgrading.

Support, Monitoring, Maintenance

We believe that being on site regularly is an essential part of managing your IT. We talk to your staff and get to hear about niggles that might not otherwise get raised. Often, most day-to-day support issues can be resolved over the phone, or by remote session with our helpdesk.

We use remote software to monitor your Macs and servers 24/7. This automatically alerts us if there are any issues, such as disk space, or harmful software is downloaded. To keep your systems optimal, we run software and operating system updates, check storage and networking equipment (hard drives, servers, routers) and make sure that backups are running.


Regular business review meetings
We’ll meet with key personnel regularly to ensure we’re up to speed with your plans. We’ll report back on the previous period and highlight any areas of concern.

IT Development Roadmap
Once a year, we’ll develop an IT development roadmap for your company. This will give you an outline of where you’re looking to take your business from an IT perspective and will help inform budgets and ensure we’re looking ahead to leverage emerging technology. We can support you with developing and maintaining Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plans. And also with drafting IT Policies and procedures.

Asset & Documentation Management

As part of our discovery process and then, on an ongoing basis, we will maintain documentation on your IT set-up. This could include a list of all your IT assets, network information, details of backup protocols, user protocols, password management and starter/leaver processes.

Client Portal

The Dr Logic portal allow you to raise support tickets, or view all open requests, download remote support software and access documentation. If we’re running a project for you, you can use it view your project plan and current status.

Monthly Contract – Unlimited Support

We’ve been providing Mac IT support for over 16 years and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. That’s why, when you first get in touch with us, we’ll have a chat about your business and what you’re looking for. We’ll then meet with you face-to-face, get a better idea of your IT setup and your budget. Then we’ll come back with a realistic proposal for support.

Our support contracts give you unlimited support, 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. It covers all the user’s computers and devices, as well as servers, printers, routers, wireless access points and provides antivirus. As well as your own Account Manager, Planning and Asset Management.