Mac IT Support for Marketing, PR & Design Agencies

It has never been more vital for marketing, PR and design agencies to have efficient IT support in place.

Whether that’s having a high-speed server that supports multiple users at any one time, a robust internet connection, ensuring that your services are always on, or bulletproof backup, ensuring resilience in the event of data loss. Dr Logic has 13 years’ experience of advising and supporting businesses like yours.

Dr Logic offers more than just Mac expertise; working with a diverse portfolio of clients has given us an insight into what works well for creative companies. And, having a dedicated Account Manager, a familiar face who comes on site regularly helps foster a strong working relationship.

We can support you so you can concentrate on your creative output, why not get in touch for some impartial advice?


Supporting multiple locations, freelancers and remote workers

If your team works across multiple locations, we support a number of cloud-based solutions to give you secure access to files wherever you need it. Plus, you’ll have the certainty of having a highly knowledgeable and responsive help desk to troubleshoot issues for remote workers.

Mac & PC - no problem

Whilst we predominantly support Apple Macs, many of our clients use both Microsoft and Apple products. We’re experienced at supporting both operating systems and can ensure seamless integration to allow you to work effectively regardless of whether different teams are on PC or Mac.


Why outsourcing makes sense

When you’re trying to manage costs, you might think it makes sense to manage IT yourself. But the cost of wasted time could soon add up, especially when you consider that the cost of IT support could be as low as a large latte a day for each employee.

If you’re running a team of 10 designers (charging out @£50 per hour) and you lose a day through IT problems, that could mean £4k in lost revenue. And as a business owner, just wasting an hour of your time a month trying to solve an IT issue, would more than cover the cost of IT support for a team of 5 people for a month.

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What our Agency clients say

Find out more about how we support other Marketing, Branding, PR and Design clients and what they have to say about working with Dr Logic.

Case study

Bisset Adams

Award-winning architectural practice

Bisset Adams is an award-winning architectural practice founded in Clerkenwell in 1994. The company is a 42-strong team of architects, interior designers, project managers and brand specialists. Find out more

Why choose Dr Logic

If you’re a Mac-based business, you need find an IT partner who really understands Apple. There are lots of IT companies out there, so our advice is to choose a company that knows their Mac tech, but who’ll also be a good fit with your culture and your team. Here’s a few reasons why entrepreneurial and creative businesses choose Dr Logic.

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