Apple Consultants Network

If your business runs on Apple products, then choose a Mac support company that’s approved by Apple.

The Apple Consultants Network is made up of independent, local companies offering IT services and solutions based around Apple products. Their directory lists all their members and you can search by product specialism or location.

Apple Consultants Network

Dr Logic has been a member of the Apple Consultants Network since 2009. We’re consistently one of the top-ranked Mac support companies in London on the ACN website. You can read our reviews on the ACN here.

It’s important for us to build close working relationships with the business teams based at the London Apple Stores. Because they get to know us, they’re regularly in touch to ask us to help their business clients.

What makes an ACN member different?

By choosing a Mac support company that is a member of the Apple Consultants Network you can feel confident that you’ll be dealing with a professional company with highly-trained staff. Lots of PC-centric IT companies claim to be able to look after Macs. In our experience, that’s not always the case.

We specialise in providing Mac support to companies that run their businesses on Apple. This means we’re up-to-date with the latest technology. And if things go wrong, we can quickly get to the heart of the problem. We also know which third-party solutions work well with Macs.

At Dr Logic, we recruit experienced Mac engineers. In fact, over half of our technical team have previously worked at Apple as Geniuses. We think they’re a bright bunch of people, you can read more about our team here.

Our technical team’s certifications

  • Apple Certified Associate – Mac Management Basics 10.8
  • Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
  • Apple Certified Support Professional 10.14
  • Apple Certified Support Professional 10.13
  • Apple Certified Support Professional 10.12
  • Apple Certified Support Professional 10.9
  • Apple Certified System Administrator 10.6
  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.10
  • Apple Consultant Series
  • Apple Deployment and Management
  • Logic Pro 9 Master Trainer
  • Jamf Certified Admin
  • Jamf Certified Tech
  • Jamf Certified Associate
  • Jamf Pro Consultant

Our team also have:

  • Addigy Certified Expert
  • Cisco Meraki SMB Solutions
  • CompTIA Network+
  • VMware VSP – Mobility
  • VMware VTSP – Mobility

But it’s more than that

It’s not just about recruiting smart people though. We’re also looking for outstanding customer service experience and personalities that will work well with our clients. Above all, we don’t do tech speak!

If you’d like to find out why Dr Logic is a member of the Apple Consultants Network and how that can benefit your business, why not get in touch?

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