Cyber Security Services

As cyber threats become increasingly complex, businesses need to keep up. Strong cyber security measures are crucial to protecting your data, your client’s data and your business’ reputation.

But every business has different needs, and keeping your information secure isn’t one-size-fits-all. While there are steps any business can put in place to increase their security, to go beyond this you need a more in-depth understanding of your business. Recognising this, Dr Logic partners closely with you, using our knowledge and expertise to build a cyber security package designed specifically for your business needs.

We do this by providing two packages: a Core Cyber Security Package, which includes fundamental measures to protect any business; and a Complete Cyber Security Package, which provides additional measures to provide extra protection from security risks.

Who do we help - and how?

Ensuring you have a strong cyber defence to protect your systems and data is vital for all businesses today.

You might have had a breach (or a close shave) and are now looking to strengthen your security. You might be working with a business partner who needs to secure their own Cyber Security accreditation and needs all their suppliers to follow suit. Maybe you know that your staff are not properly trained in how to act in a cyber secure way, your business lacks the in-house expertise, or you might know exactly what you need but are unsure how to obtain and implement it.

In other words, you might be at any stage of your cyber security journey. Our cyber security professionals can help provide and implement a cyber security plan based on your needs.

ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is exactly that: the essentials you need to be cyber secure. It’s a base-line, but also strictly necessary if you’re working with certain partners. Government contracts that involve handling sensitive and personal information, for example, require you to have Cyber Essentials.

ISO 27001, the international standard for secure data management, is also important to show your business can be trusted to handle information and data in a secure way.

Dr Logic helps you achieve your cyber essentials and ISO 27001 accreditation, supporting you through each step to help you meet the schemes’ requirements.

Cyber Security Support

Our cyber security packages provide you, first, with an expected level of security, followed by additional measures tailored to your business to protect you against any cyber risk you might face. We do this through our Core Cyber Security Package and our Complete Cyber Security Package. This ensures your IT security goes above and beyond minimum requirements, bringing in specific measures for your specific requirements.

Employee Cyber Security Training

Your staff are on the cyber security frontline — most breaches are caused by human error. So it’s essential to ensure everyone in your business can spot a potential threat and understand how to respond to it.

Our bespoke employee cyber security training package focuses on the weaknesses in your employee’s cyber knowledge, equipping them with the know-how they need to keep your business secure.

Microsoft 365
Email Security On Mac Devices

Email Security Services

Email attacks remain one of the most pressing security threats, though it’s not always clear how to reinforce your email security. Dr Logic works to strengthen all aspects of your email security, from training services, helping create and implement policies and procedures, choosing providers and plans, and enlisting third-party services to help fortify your email defences.

Disaster recovery

When a disaster happens, you need to have a plan in place to get your business up and running — securely — as soon as possible. A Disaster Recovery Plan sets out the steps on how you do this. We work with you to create a plan, setting out a recovery point objective (RTO), and recovery time objective (RTO), which will simultaneously set up recovery plans for your servers and hardware.

Device Management

Wherever your staff are working from, it’s important to be able to manage their devices easily. Device management allows us to configure and deploy your employees’ devices, from mobiles to Macbooks, with the right software and company specifications. Our MDM services enable you to create different device settings for different teams according to their need, upgrade security across all devices and automatically enrol devices — all without ever setting foot in your office.

Why Dr Logic?


We work closely with you to provide ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus and Cyber Essentials certification, end-to-end penetration testing, Cyber Health Checks, IT Security Training and a virtual Chief Information Security Office.

A comprehensive offering

At Dr Logic, we have everything you might possibly need to bolster your cyber security. But we work with you to understand your needs, and provide bespoke solutions for that. Meaning that as your business grows and your cyber requirements change, you won’t need to go somewhere else for an additional feature: we provide it all, from accreditation to employee cyber awareness training (something you won’t get from most other MSPs).

Easy implementation

As a fully outsourced partner, you can leave the heavy lifting to us. We work to understand what you need, agree on the path forward, and then implement. The worry of changing processes and systems isn’t inevitable. Often, you can protect your business with relatively simple changes. And once those changes are identified, you can get on with running your business, while we get on with implementation, with as little disruption to your business’s day-to-day as possible.

Fair prices

We don’t believe in charging exorbitant fees. We won’t sell you things you don’t need. As a long-term partner, we offer bespoke solutions and charge you only for what your business requires.

Without robust cyber security measures, leaving your data, information and reputation vulnerable, you might be leaving yourself exposed to cyber threats. The cost of this could be massive. Whether you’re looking to get the cyber security basics or going above and beyond, Dr Logic’s comprehensive package has everything you need.

To find out how Dr Logic can help your business meet its cyber security requirements, get in touch today.

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