Managed Cloud Services

The IT world is now cloud-based. And for our team of IT Engineers, the only surprise is that it’s taken this long. Because as well as bringing cost savings, cloud environments make your business more flexible and productive, while making your data safer and more secure.

Cloud services simply means using the internet to store and access your applications and data, instead of having them installed on your company’s computers or on-site servers. And cloud infrastructure allows your staff to work more flexibly, collaboratively and securely.

But while the benefits of the cloud are well known, it’s a different story when it comes to knowing how you go about moving your business systems and data there. Because if you don’t have the right kind of expertise in-house — and not many companies do — the process can feel pretty daunting. That’s where our London-based IT Consultants and Mac IT Project team can help.

How do we help?

At Dr Logic, we’ve got a track record of successfully delivering multiple cloud migration projects and managing cloud-hosted services for London-based businesses. And we know it’s crucial to design a cloud solution that’s based on your company’s specific needs — no matter how unique they may be.

Our focus is not only to keep your managed IT cloud systems running smoothly, minimising the risk of interruption to business operations, but also to recommend a portfolio of business solutions. This helps you push forward with your growth ambitions. Think of it as Dr Logic having a key to the best toolbox you’ll ever see.

Our services include:

Your staff forget or lose their passwords. This means they can’t log in so they lose access to systems and data. Macbooks get lost, meaning your staff’s login details are available for hacking. Through a cloud platform, our identity management service means we can automatically manage and secure your staff’s identities across your IT system. We can provide employees with new login information, reducing the risks of cyberattacks and keeping your business’ data safe. And all this will be achieved without the need for any on-site servers and infrastructure.

Managed service providers

Lost or stolen devices create vulnerability in the company. Without device management, devices can’t be tracked while outdated software can slow performance and increase security risks.

Lost, stolen or out-of-date devices create security vulnerabilities. With device management, we can track devices and help keep them, and therefore your data, secure. We can also keep all your software patched and up to date with the latest versions, reducing any potential vulnerabilities. Wherever your staff are working from, cloud capabilities let us manage all your staff’s devices easily. We configure and deploy your employees’ devices, from mobiles to Macbooks, with the right software and the right company specifications.

Our MDM services enable us to track devices by enabling “Lost-Mode”, keeping them protected if they’re lost. And we create different device settings for different teams according to their need. In short, we upgrade your security across all your employee’s devices — all without ever setting foot in your office.

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Email Security On Mac Devices

These days, file sharing is about more than sending something to a colleague to get their thoughts. Now, it’s about multiple people being able to edit the same document simultaneously — whenever and from wherever people want. We work closely with you to understand what cloud-based file sharing platform your business needs, from Google Drive or Microsoft 365, through to Dropbox. We’ll find what’s right for you and get you set up in no time.

Losing information can damage your business. Being able to look at a server in your office or pick up a file might seem more secure, but don’t be fooled: the cloud, by automatically backing up every file in real time, gives you better security without the manual effort. We already provide cloud backup services to our clients as a key part of our Support Packages. We work with you to assess what’s needed, from security features to your current systems, and provide you with the solution you need.


A cloud-based productivity, communication and collaboration package from Google, Workspace provides all the information your business needs, letting you work seamlessly from any device. It keeps your team connected to work faster and smarter, simplifies file storage and defends your data and devices. We can assess whether Workspace is right for your business, and get it set up — all without needing to take up any space in your office.

Like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 is a cloud collaboration platform that helps your business work more efficiently. Entirely on the cloud, it lets you work from anywhere, on any device, and share information and documentation swiftly. Dr Logic knows Microsoft 365 inside out and back to front. With in-house experts in MS365, we can help you make the switch.

With the switch to cloud-based services, making sure your business has a fast, robust internet connection is more important than ever. And if you work with large files or want to synchronise your data to an off-site or cloud-based backup, you need a good upload speed too.

Microsoft 365

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is crucial for businesses today. A phone system that runs through an internet connection instead of a traditional mobile or landline network, VoIP lets people take and make calls from anywhere and on any device. Using one provider, like Zoom, helps you cut costs and streamline how you work. We can get your business up and running on VoIP, ensuring the software is up to date and your connectivity is up to scratch.

A fast and reliable web host is crucial today. Without it, your business can lose sales leads, and Google can even penalise your site if it’s too slow. You need speed and security in an SSL certificate. We provide an affordable web hosting service or, if you’re switching from one to another, we can manage the migration process for you.

No matter what type of cloud project you’re planning, we’ll provide you with the guidance you need to avoid the potential pitfalls and find the right solutions for your business. And our business IT consultants will offer this advice in a way that’s both clear and objective – expressed in language you can understand and tailored to your particular needs.


Why Dr Logic?

It’s not as simple as just moving things from physical servers into the cloud. Not everybody knows how to manage services in the cloud. You might not have this expertise in-house. From collaboration tools to backup services, you need expertise in cloud platforms, from migration and set up to the day to day running. This includes:

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    Acquiring licenses

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    Updating software

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    Updating iOS

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    Monitoring app usage for safety and security.

Cloud Expertise

As an expert cloud consultancy, we can offer guidance on getting the most out of the cloud — both by helping to choose the software and services that are the best match for your business and by helping you to implement them as seamlessly as possible.

We do that by listening to you. What are your aims and objectives? Who’ll be using the cloud-based technologies? What’s your long-term strategy? Once we’ve had a thorough look at your IT setup, we’ll talk through your available options. Once you’ve settled on a plan, our project team strategically maps out the cloud migration and implementation process — for example, by working out which systems to prioritise if you’re taking a phased approach, or by identifying any potential hiccups, risks or obstacles you might encounter.


When it comes to security, we know what we’re doing. This isn’t just about making sure all software patches are centralised, scheduled and completed quickly (though this is important). It’s also about understanding what security standards are required, and then adhering to them. From making sure onboarding and offboarding processes are conducted swiftly and securely, to making sure you’re complying with cloud security standards, we can help.


Our suite of managed cloud services is comprehensive. Rather than spending time and money to set up an in-house IT team, outsourcing your cloud services to a managed cloud service provider like Dr Logic is more efficient and more cost effective. By choosing cloud services and working with Dr Logic, you invest for the long term.

Additionally, removing those servers taking up space in your office, you remove the cost of the hardware — and the cost of your office. With the move to the cloud, the physical servers are removed, and all your people can work from home, saving costs across the board.

Apple Ecosystem

We understand the Apple ecosystem. More than understanding, we’re founding members of the Apple Consultants Network in the UK. Whether it’s managing iOS devices, patching software for your Mac suite or migrating from PCs to the Apple ecosystem, we’ve got you covered.
With cloud services, your data will be disaster-proof and you’ll improve your cybersecurity. You’ll also cut costs, office space, your carbon footprint… we could go on. But we’d rather just talk to you about it. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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