IT service management

Tailor-made support for your business

We’ve been providing Mac IT support since 2003, helping companies of every shape and size in a whole range of different ways. And if we’ve learned anything, it’s that when it comes to business IT, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

That’s why, instead of offering a single off-the-peg IT support plan, we tailor each solution to the client, by getting to know their business and figuring out what kind of help will benefit them most: an IT expert at the end of a phone, regular visits from an Apple certified field engineer, or maybe even a Dr Logic team, working full time in their office.

So whatever you’re looking for – a dedicated team of Mac specialists based at your own premises, a completely outsourced IT solution or IT experts to support your own in-house IT team with a Project  – Dr Logic can provide you with what you need.

Outsourced IT

What sort of support do you need? Let's work it out together.

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IT Helpdesk

Friendly, professional experts at the end of a phone

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IT Solutions

We'll support your IT Team - or be your IT Team.

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