Giving your in-house IT team a helping hand

Sometimes, people imagine there are only two options when it comes to looking after your company’s IT needs: either you can handle them yourself by building an in-house IT team, or outsource them to an IT support and services company

But there will always be times when your in-house team needs some extra support. For example, if an engineer is sick or on leave you’ll probably need someone to cover for them. And if your team is already busy tackling a major issue, what happens if another IT problem crops up?

The same applies if there’s a skills gap in your team, particularly when knowledge of the most up to date Macs for business is required – how will you manage if your engineers encounter a problem they can’t fix? Or maybe you want to implement new Mac or Apple technology, but there’s no one in-house with the right up to date skills or experience?

Get the right support at the right time

One solution to these kinds of problems is to expand your IT team. But recruitment takes a lot of time and money – especially if you’re looking for specialised Mac IT skills. And the cost of hiring an extra full-time Business IT engineer doesn’t make sense, if you just need help getting through a busy time or a specific project.

To solve these kinds of problems, the experts at Dr Logic, providing Mac IT support in the London region – will manage your one-off project for you and allocate whatever resource is needed to get the job done. And we’ll make sure they have exactly the right skills and expertise for the tasks you need them to perform. If you’re not sure what you need when it comes to outsourced IT, or a one off project, we can help.

Outsource your in-house team

Of course, not all companies have their own IT team. Often that’s because of the cost, but sometimes it’s because the challenge of recruiting and running your own in-house team is simply too great. For example, how can you know what skills to look for in an IT engineer, if you’re not an IT expert yourself? And how will you manage their professional development, or ensure they get the ongoing training they need?

If you think your business would benefit from an on-site IT team, but you don’t want all the work of building and running one, there is a solution.

Dr Logic can build you an IT team from the ground up – a team that’s based at your premises and solely dedicated to your business, but formed of engineers recruited, trained and managed by us. We’ll choose exactly the right people for the job, and provide them with extra backup, expertise and support from the wider Dr Logic team.

Do you think your IT engineers could benefit from some support? Or are you looking to outsource your in-house team? Just get in touch to find out how we can help.

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