The link between ambition and technology

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Ambition within a business is vital for creating a positive and productive work environment. It is a powerful attribute that drives organisations to set goals and actually achieve them.

But what’s the link between ambition and technology?

In this day and age, technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives, so it’s no surprise that our productivity, motivation and success often relies on it too. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the importance of technology when it comes to ambition.

How technology can encourage ambition and productivity in your team

Motivated and ambitious staff are often more eager to get things done so they can enjoy a sense of achievement – so ambition and productivity often go hand in hand.

In many cases, technology gives us the tools to be more productive. Whether it’s team chat apps such as Slack, video call software like Zoom, or project management platforms such as Trello, Wrike or ClickUp.

All these channels help to make communication easier among teams, especially when working remotely on your Mac or PC, but as technology develops, more businesses are starting to adopt even more advanced, productivity-enhancing tech such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Implementing AI for simple and repetitive tasks could allow employees to focus their time and effort on more complex tasks, potentially improving their overall work satisfaction and boosting their sense of ambition.

An example of AI in the workplace includes chat bots and automatic replies to customer service queries, saving your staff from answering the same questions over and over again.

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How to find which technology is being a hindrance instead of a help

Of course, not all technology is useful when it comes to boosting staff productivity and ambition. In fact, there is such a thing as unproductive tech.

If you’re using too many tools that don’t integrate properly together, or you’re having to switch software constantly, you may find your staff start to become irritated and unproductive. Software that is out of date or an OS that’s not running the latest versions will all contribute to frustratingly slow processing times.

Unproductive technology can hold ambitious people back in business, because ambitious people can often feel frustrated easily, and they won’t like it if they think something is preventing them from achieving their goals.

The best way to overcome and replace unproductive technology is to speak to an IT consultancy, like Dr Logic, who will take a long hard look at your business needs and present an IT solution proposal to get your ambitious team up and running efficiently.

Tools to help your business be more productive and focused

There are so many business productivity tools out there that can help your team become more focused at work.

  • Google Docs, Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint are great examples of software that makes collaboration easy on shared documents, saving the back-and-forth headache of comments, edits and approvals on joint projects.
  • If you need a way to improve communication, particularly amongst your remote workers, then Slack and Zoom are good platforms for sharing ideas instantly and jumping on video calls.
  • Mobile device and ID management dashboards like Addigy & JumpCloud are really good at improving efficiency, because you only have to login once and have all your apps and books in one place on your dashboard. No more hunting around for those bookmarks you saved or remembering all your passwords for every website. Onboarding of new starters and deploying company-wide software and updates is also quick and easy so your staff’s productivity won’t be compromised.

It’s important to remember that it takes more than just technology to motivate your team to be productive. There are a lot of factors that come into play when managing an ambitious team, but having the right tools and equipment in place is the best place to start.

Speak to Dr Logic for a completely personalised consultation on the best business productivity tools for you and your team.

Avoid wasting time with the right IT setup

Getting your business up and running with a proper IT set up is the best way to avoid wasting time (and money) in the long run.

It’s always worth talking to a professional when approaching your business IT set up, because making changes later on in your business’ development can be costly. As your business and team grows, so does the amount of file storage, data, passwords, I.D. and device management requirements and any software needs and licensing.

Technology trends for 2021

In order to help your team be as motivated, productive and – in turn – ambitious as possible in 2021, you might want to look out for some of these latest technology trends.

  • More flexibility. As of 2021, there is no “normal” anymore. Companies need to focus on developing flexibility and resilience as part of their tech strategy. Don’t assume everyone will be in the office every day, or everyone will be working from home. You need your tech to be as flexible as possible to cater for everyone’s different working styles and environments.
  • More training. Traditionally, employers have often left their staff to their own devices when it comes to training and development. As we adapt and change to new ways of working, it’s going to be more important than ever that your staff are up to speed with the technology they rely on. And without that friendly, IT-savvy colleague that they used to ask for help, staff will need to have a deeper understanding of any new software or platforms that you decide to implement.
  • Better Password hygiene. Cyber criminals are becoming cleverer at exploiting poor password hygiene, particularly for logins of web-based file sharing platforms. Identity Management will become an important factor of your company’s cybersecurity plan.

At Dr Logic, helping companies get the most out of their IT is what we do best. Sound advice, practical guidance and a solid IT plan tailored to your business is exactly what you will receive when you appoint Dr Logic as your IT consultant.

For more information on how Dr Logic can help get you set up with the technology you need to support your ambitious team, get in touch.

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