IT Security Consultancy

The world of business IT is constantly changing: new products, new services, new ways to connect and communicate. But new technologies bring with them new risks. And as cybercriminals become ever more sophisticated – targeting their attacks less on individuals and more on businesses – it’s hard for any in-house IT department, however skilled, to stay on top of all emerging cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities.

Given the importance of data security to your business – and the potential financial and reputational damage if you get it wrong – it’s often wise to get some help from the experts; namely, an IT security consultancy. Focusing exclusively on the latest data security issues, our London-based team will provide you with the specialised expertise needed to analyse your IT infrastructure and identify and plug any weaknesses. This will help you create, or enhance, your cyber security strategy.

How Dr Logic can help

We work closely with our IT security partners RightCue, a team of dedicated cybersecurity specialists, to analyse, manage and reduce our clients’ data security risks. Below is just a snap shot small part of some of the expert IT solution support services offered by our IT security consultancy in London.

How To Build An IT Strategy

Cyber health check

RightCue and Dr Logic will analyse your entire IT infrastructure, policies and procedures – everything from network device and data centre security, to access controls and identity management – to check how resilient your business is to attack. They’ll then explain your risk status, identify any critical issues and pinch points and suggest ways to strengthen your security. Our approach is both risk assessment and risk management.

Penetration testing

RightCue’s team of accredited, ethical hackers can simulate an attack on your business, probing weaknesses without doing any actual damage. This will enable us to assess potential security threats, explain where you’re most vulnerable and make recommendations on improvement.


Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme, designed to help businesses protect themselves against common cyber threats. Essential if you bid for government contracts, a Cyber Essentials certification also reassures your clients and customers that you take data protection and security seriously. Rightcue can help you to get certified by providing a simple, secure self-certification portal, or a registered Cyber Essentials assessor, who can guide you through the process.

Cyber Essentials Plus

If you’re already Cyber Essentials certified, the next step is to an Essentials Plus accreditation: as well as providing clients and customers with extra reassurance that you’ll protect their data, it also gives you free Cyber Liability Insurance. RightCue can act as your assessor, by conducting an independent audit and simulating hacking and phishing attacks on your network.

IT Security Training

A lot of data breaches are caused by staff’s ignorance of security procedures, rather than the wiles of cybercriminals. In conjunction with USecure we provide engaging, jargon-free training that teaches your staff how they can help to protect your business.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Having your own Chief Information Security Officer is helpful in any number of ways, from explaining complex data security issues at board meetings, to spearheading IT security awareness campaigns. If hiring a permanent, in-house CISO is beyond your head countbudget, we’ll provide you with a virtual CISO. Focused on providing security solutions, a virtual CISO is a dedicated security expert, who is available on demand to take a lead on all your data security-related tasks and projects, from day to day planning and budgeting to handling data breaches.

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And as Dr Logic is a member of the ACN (Apple Consultants Network) we can help companies get the most from their Mac based business IT. Take a look through some of our case studies.


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