IT Infrastructure

What is IT infrastructure and why does it matter?

When it comes to business IT, there’s nothing more important than your infrastructure, which is essentially the way you connect your people to your network, your business to the internet and your customers to your business.

If your IT infrastructure is set up the wrong way, it has an impact on every aspect of the way you work — slowing your business operations down and creating a lot of extra costs, risks and disruption.

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What are the risks of getting it wrong?

If your network hardware has been badly specced, you might not get the speeds or bandwidth your business needs – meaning you’ll have to replace it. Which, as well as being a major headache, can be very expensive.

The same goes for the design of your wireless network: if everything isn’t set up the right way, certain users – or even your whole office – may encounter maddeningly slow network speeds. It might even impede users’ access to systems. And your network could also have unforeseen security vulnerabilities – potentially leaving your company open to attack from cyber criminals.

It’s also important to ensure that your cabling is neatly and efficiently organised. Because if you’re dealing with a chaotic tangle of wires, it makes it hard to tell what’s connected where, making it harder – and therefore slower – to troubleshoot problems and replace faulty connections.

How Dr Logic can help

Whether you want to build an IT infrastructure from scratch, or you’re looking to improve or modernise your existing set-up, Dr Logic’s Engineers can help you with everything from design and procurement to installation. We take it all on: the operation and management of your infrastructure.

A tailor-made solution

We’ll start by talking to you about your specific needs, in terms of the number of devices (Mac or PC) your people will be using to access your network, and how and where they’ll be using them. We don’t just give you one-size-fits all traditional infrastructure. We’ll make sure your infrastructure is future proofed and aligned to your medium and long term IT Strategy.

We’ll also discuss whether you’re looking for an on premises solution (only using your own on-site servers), or whether you’d prefer a cloud-based service, which – as well as cutting down on a lot of office hardware – would allow your network to be managed remotely and more easily scaled up as your business grows.

We’ll then develop a bespoke design for your IT infrastructure, taking care to ensure that it’s secure and efficient, and that the cables, switches and other network hardware will deliver the necessary speed and bandwidth.

Wireless network design

If you want to use devices that aren’t physically cabled to your network, we can also come up with a design for your wireless network. As well as identifying the right wireless hardware and software, we’ll look at your office layout, to work out how many access points you’ll need and the best place to put them to ensure consistent wifi coverage.

Wireless Heatmap Service

But for a really in-depth look at your office’s WiFi coverage, we also offer a wireless heatmap service. We’ll visit your building and, using a range of cutting-edge tools, precisely measure the WiFi strength throughout your office. This will enable us to identify any hidden sources of interference that need to be addressed when designing your wireless network.

A complete, end-to-end service

Once you’re happy with our design, we can source and procure all the hardware for you – using our vendor relationships to ensure that you get the right products at the best possible prices.

And our engineers will also handle the installation process so you will end up with an infrastructure that’s:


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    fast and efficient

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    connected and fit for purpose

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    and all cabling is structured and clearly labelled.

Are you looking to design an IT infrastructure for your business? Or do you want to improve your current IT set-up? Whether you’re looking for full-scale IT project management services or changes to your existing infrastructure, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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