What is

IT Helpdesk Support

for businesses?

A team of IT experts, ready to solve all your IT issues.

Offering technical support 24/7, 365 days a year, our team of helpdesk engineers are on-hand to ensure your business is never held back by tech.

From installing a new app, to configuring a mac for a new starter in your team – our IT helpdesk support serves as your first point of contact to quickly resolve and assist with any issues you have. Our friendly bunch of support engineers provide outsourced IT support to London-based businesses, and will be able to:

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    Answer your IT questions

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    Offer sound technical advice

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    Talk your team through fixes in clear, digestible language, so your staff can get back to work quickly.

Outsourcing Your Apple & Mac IT

Why invest in outsourced helpdesk support?

Single point of contact

The biggest benefit of having an IT helpdesk is that everyone in your business – whether working in the office or remotely – knows exactly where to turn for help.

And if there is something that we can’t solve remotely, our helpdesk will arrange for an engineer to visit your premises to fix it. This means you only ever need to raise one support ticket; even if more than one engineer is working to resolve it.


Fast response

Our Helpdesk engineers will respond to your query quickly and efficiently. We assess its urgency and prioritise it based on several business-critical factors.

This means we’re great at identifying and tackling any IT issues that need to be fixed urgently. We also set our IT Helpdesk engineers daily and weekly SLAs to align our IT support performance against your contracted needs.


Specialised expertise

Our Mac experts on the helpdesk have specialised knowledge and many years of first-hand experience of users’ day to day IT issues. This means they’re particularly good at fixing a wide range of problems.

And as proud members of the Apple Consultants Network, we have specialism in providing business mac IT and Apple ecosystem services and support.


Clear communication

Our team of IT helpdesk engineers spend their time talking to people who aren’t always tech-savvy, so they’re great at explaining things in a clear, jargon-free way.


24/7/365 support

We provide 24/7 out-of-hours helpdesk support. So no matter where in the world your teams are based, and in what timezone they’re working, they’ll always be able to get the IT support they need.

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Dr Logic will take the pain away

Unlike many other IT support providers in London, our helpdesk is not an oxymoron. The IT support that we provide is pivotal to keeping your tech and your teams working efficiently.

And that’s why we’ll hold regular business reviews with you, so we can check-in and make sure you’re still getting all the support you need.

Your Dr Logic Portal

You’ll have access to your own Dr Logic Portal where you’ll be able to raise support tickets and request a wide range of IT solutions. From onboarding and offboarding new starters to ordering hardware and apps for your teams, your Portal is here to streamline and speed up how we can help you.


Choice is good

You can either outsource your IT support needs to our remote-working helpdesk or we can provide a fully dedicated team of IT engineers based at your premises.

This team are part of your company in every way and work solely on your business but are employed by us at Dr Logic. They’ll provide all the benefits of your business having its own IT department – but without you being responsible for the HR and employment obligations.

So, do you think your business would benefit from outsourcing your IT helpdesk?

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